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Supermarket wines & alcohol

The Is It Veggie website compiles lists from manufacturers and retailers, which includes the major UK supermarkets vegan alcohol lists. Some supermarkets also provide their own information directly.
  • Sainsburys
  • Asda
  • Safeway
  • Tesco vegan & vegetarian wine
  • Co-op - voluntarily label their wines as suitable for vegetarians and vegans as appropriate, so just read the label!
  • Marks and Spencers - label their wines as suitable for vegetarians where appropriate, no information for vegans

Other sources of information

Vegan wine producers

There are a few wholly vegan wine producers: if you know of any more.

Ordering vegan wine online

Most online suppliers of vegan wine are supplying primarily organic wine. Most of the wine listed here is not organic, primarily because organic wine is very hard to find, never mind vegan organic wine (not all organic wine is vegan). Vegan wines are generally well marked on their websites. Unfortunately, until it can be made into rehydratable sachets, wine is a bit heavy to send through the post over long distances, which generally restricts you to a local supplier. Which is good if you have one, not so good if you don't! The Vegan Society, Viva and other organisations sometimes include a vegan wine or champagne in their Christmas hampers or in their mail order catalogue, so they can be another source.
These sites are also useful as sources of information on what brands are vegan, particularly as organic wines become more obtainable locally.


Homebrew kits often contain animal-derived ingredients, particularly in the fining sachets. But it's easy to leave those aside and choose an animal-free alternative like bentonite. Animal-free home brewing products are available from many local home brewing shops, including: